Mykonos? Mykoyes Please

The Office is incredible. Not only does it give you a knack for turning anything into a “That’s What She Said” joke, but it also gives you the ability to create terrible puns (hence today’s blog title). As many of you know, Courtny and I went Netflix-crazy this year and watched the whole series in about six months. I know some of you questioned whether our relationship could last after The Office ended. I’m not going to lie, I was nervous as well.


The ferry to Mykonos was a bit of an experience. After a sleep-deprived couple of days in airplanes and Athens (which would make a great album name for any of you musicians out there), there was no way we were making it through a 6-hour boat ride without snoozing. Thankfully, almost the whole room was our group, so taking a nap didn’t feel quite as risky. So, with our bags locked and secured under our seats and our important items safely hidden on our bodies, we slowly lost the battle with sleep and dozed off.


We slept for an hour or so when Ryan woke me up with the news everyone dreads in Europe—his wallet was gone. We frantically searched through his bags and it was nowhere to be found. So with five hours left on the ferry, he had to find a way to contact his bank. A bit later, everyone started to wake up and we began compiling a suspect list. Of course, no one really knows what to do when you find someone you think is a picker of pockets, but we wanted to bust this guy anyway.


Oftentimes, thieves will use spotters or distractors to, well, spot or distract. Not long after waking up, a shady looking young man—about 5’7, 165 pounds—walked through the room and seemed to be avoiding Ryan. And I know you’re over there saying, “Really Phil? He’s shady? You’re 5’7 too.” I understand the logic, but this guy had facial hair. After monitoring him for a few minutes, though, he checked out clean. Our next suspect seemed far more likely. Some kid that was probably around 12 years old kept strolling in and out of our room. At one point, he spotted an iPod, stopped, looked around, and kept going. Naturally, we followed him out and we saw him sitting with two older brothers, presumably telling them the location of the iPod—just like the punk probably did when he spotted Ryan putting away his wallet. I stopped, chatted with the young men, and remained convinced that they were the ones with Ryan’s wallet. So I got our tour guide, Georgios, and he went out and questioned them. Of course, there was nothing we could really do—they said they had nothing to do with it, and IF they were telling the truth and we started patting them down or fighting, then that’s a whole new world of problems. So we had no choice but to let the dream team of thieves go.


Of course, they ended up being totally innocent… Just a few kids from Denmark looking to have a good time. Meanwhile, after deactivating all of his cards, Ryan found his wallet in the bottom of his camera bag. So that happened.


Once on Mykonos, we had a ton of fun. It was beautifully windy both days we were there. We started off the island adventures by going to a small beach a few kilometers from the hotel. Now that I’m in Europe I am speaking with kilometers just to be cool. After a beautiful hike up from the beach, we came back and got ready for dinner. The dinner we had was incredible—it was right on the water, the food was delicious, and we got a free dessert before going on a night walk around Platys Gialos. Walking around the island with the breeze coming off the sea was easily one of the most beautiful walks I’ve ever taken.


But the highlight of our time on Mykonos was definitely the morning trip we took to the small island of Delos. Delos is a small island that is just a short ferry ride away from Mykonos. It was a sacred place to the ancient Greeks and many of the ruins are still in great shape. The tour was incredible, but they best part was the free time we had after. Instead of going to the museum, we hiked up the highest mountain on Delos and got a beautiful 360-degree view of the island and water.


Later in the day, we skipped out on Paradise Beach, mostly because our research earlier in the year (and our taxi driver) told us Psarou Beach was the best spot on the island. It was my favorite beach I’ve been to in my life—the water was crystal clear, the waves were non-existent, and there was no danger of creatures coming and gobbling us up. We finished the evening by watching the sunset by the windmills (unfortunately all batteries were dead, so we just have a tiny bit of GoPro footage of this). After finally showering back at the hotel, Courtny and I decided to suck it up and head out to the bars in Mykonos. After strolling around Little Venice, we settled on a spot right over the water to get a drink. The service was incredible—we both got one cheap drink and chatted with the bartenders while we sat on the balcony. In exchange for a good review on Tripadvisor, they gave us two free shots and said drinks were on the house if we came back the next night. Unfortunately, we are about to leave for Santorini. In fact, I should probably be getting off of here right now.


Oh, remember that reference to The Office at the beginning? Well one of Michael Scott’s alter-egos is a Greek man named Mykonos. That’s the connection. I know that took a long time, but it was totally worth it. That’s what she said.


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